Working with us should be simple and enjoyable, and having a well-defined process is a key component. Our process is collaborative and meticulous. We listen and learn from our clients' expertise, but also like to shift perspectives and look at things from new angles. We devide our work into four steps, each as important as the next.

1. Understanding
The first step always entails deep-diving into your business and brand, to form an understanding about your environment, customers, competitors and specific challenges. This is where we begin to define the problem that needs to be solved and map out the goal, the desired end result. Our process is collaborative – engagement and open dialogue with the client brings us forward and pave the way for great ideas.

2. Simplifying
With all the information and insights generated in step one, we start to simplify, to get to the core. This step is vital, we need to peel off all the distracting layers to really reach an understanding of what is essential and what we need to focus our communication on. We start generating ideas and conceptualise to set a clear and impactful direction for your brand and stake out efficient ways to solve your specific challenges.

3. Designing
Guided by the solid foundation that we built together during steps 1-2, we start crafting the solution by sketching and investigating design direction, to ultimately reach a clear, on-brief and beautiful solution that cuts through the clutter and maximises impact.

4. Implementing
This is where we begin to close the loop by realising the project. Depending on the type and scope of the project, we get busy designing or art directing other creatives such as photographers, copywriters, animators or web developers to make magic together. We stand by your side during the whole process, from initial idea and brief through implementation and follow up, whenever new needs and questions may emerge.