We are an independent design studio dedicated to visualizing brands. Our focus is on branding, but our work spans across a range of disciplines, from packaging to digital design, pattern design and interiors. With distinctive ideas and intelligent design solutions we help brands define their soul and deliver their story.
A vast network of copywriters, photographers, web and SEO developers, animators and other creatives allows us to take on projects of different dimensions. 
Being a small studio means that we collaborate closely with our clients and partners. We go through the design process together, with a mutual goal: to build an emotional connection with your customers to ensure the sustainability and scalability of your brand, and help your business grow.

We love real emotions. People don’t make decisions based on information, but subconsciously, on instinct. Evoking feelings, the right kind of feelings, set the foundation to form real connections with your crowd. Every time you connect with your audience in some way, shape or form is your brand.


If you want your brand to stand out, you need to find uniqueness. Therefore we will never use a general solution or template. By defining your brand in detail, and always maintaining a holistic perspective, we will ensure that you are able to communicate with a clear voice and through relevant channels. 


In architecture a strong foundation ensures a firm and long-lived construction. This is also essential when you build a brand. By deep understanding combined with design crafted in a methodically manner, the longer the identity will stay relevant. Sustainable design is timeless, as opposed to short-lived.


Our passion for detail, high quality design and genuine craftsmanship runs through every piece of work that we create. Great design is clear, timeless and on-point but at the same time pushes the bar. It solves the problem both efficiently and artistically. Without genuine artistry, even the most clever strategy based solutions become soulless and bland. 


Emilie Thulin
Emilie has vast experience of communications in a range of industries, in local as well as global markets. Graduated from Forsbergs School of Graphic design in 2007. After a few years as a graphic designer at Oriflame Cosmetics and Carl Johan Hane Designkontor – working with clients such as Skanska, Swedese möbler, Vattenfall to mention some – she decided to start her own design studio, with commissions in branding as well as residential and commercial interiors. She has a firm belief in precision and simplicity, and that strong design is timeless.


Emma Andersen
Emma has since her Shillington design graduation 2007 in Sydney, Australia, been working as an Art Director in Stockholm – first seven years at advertising agencies and after that running her own design studio. During this time, she’s worked with clients such as TV4, Arla, Telia, Sandvik, Bauhaus, Netonnet, Stockholm university and Regeringskansliet. With a MSc in Economics and background in marketing she strongly believes that all brand communication must begin at the core, with a clearly defined strategy. Only when a clear concept is in place can there be a relevant and effective, as well as beautifully designed, end result.